A first of its kind diversity-driven agency with inclusion at the heart

A first of its kind diversity-driven agency with inclusion at the heart

We are uniters, united for a common cause – to reflect the world around us within our team and in the work we do. It’s how we’ve gone from 3 clients to 90+ and from winning 1 award in 7 years to 8 awards in 3, including Best Marketing Campaign at the European Diversity Awards.


Conceived as Omnicom Media Group’s specialist consultancy for diversity media and multicultural marketing.


We recognised the definition of diverse and inclusive marketing needed to be changed and approached in a completely different way. It was outdated and had been for a very long time.


Since 2016, we have recruited a fully diverse and inclusive team. This has enabled us to tackle client briefs with a range of cultural lenses and in-depth understanding of various communities, giving our clients the confidence to make iconic moves whilst delivering exceptional results.

Why OMG UNITE was formed

D&I marketing (diverse & inclusive) has commonly been the work of independent agencies that approach media creation, buying and planning differently to mainstream agencies. Often then, a brand’s mainstream activity can feel disjointed from its D&I activity, giving the impression of performative marketing.

When we began, the normal thing for agencies to do was to split audiences by age, binary genders, location and socioeconomic status. It didn’t make sense to us that something like ethnicity and religion – factors that could impact almost every single life decision of a consumer – was not a feature on client briefs as standard practice.

Having received briefs with no consideration of ethnicity, religion, sexuality, disability or gender fluidity, we began asking ourselves – why can’t mainstream media be inclusive? Why do big brands only reach out to Muslim communities during Ramadan and Black communities during Black History Month? Why do companies only fly their Pride flag during June?

Most importantly, how can we help brands move away from media tokenism and seasonal audience targeting, and empower them to remain authentic in their processes?

Diverse and inclusive marketing done right

We believed in being change-agents for the industry. We wanted to move our clients from unconscious exclusion to conscious inclusion, and through improved intricacies in data analysis and stereotype spotting, we were able to gather information on audiences never recorded before.

Up until recent times, industry-leading tools and data on Insight, Media Buying and Media Planning had been proven to depict significant bias – they simply didn’t have accurate sample sizes representing all community groups. And those that did, didn’t delve deep enough for an accurate understanding of various groups.

Now thanks to a fully diverse and inclusive team, we can tackle client briefs with a range of in-house cultural lenses and in-depth understanding straight away, bringing unique layers of authenticity to client work.

We no longer wait around for special mentions on community inclusion. OMG UNITE proactively approach each brief with cultural diversity from the get-go, enabling our clients to market and advertise inclusively to communities and generations that traditionally hadn’t even been thought of.

Stand up. Stand out.
Stand united.