Insight & Strategy

Speaking to audiences you don’t really know can be hard, almost impossible. Discover the ways you can easily tap into your desired audiences using intricate analyses and data sets that make strategising media and marketing plans seem effortless.

Insight & Strategy
  • Diversity Audit
  • Audience Analysis
  • Cultural Prospecting
  • Diversity Workshops

Have your media and content reviewed by a team of cultural specialists with key category considerations and actionable recommendations on how to achieve truly inclusive marketing for your campaign.

Have us conduct detailed audience analyses and data sets for your desired audiences. This can include everything from Audience Profiling, Audience Mapping, Category Insight & Behaviour and more.

Have our cultural specialists identify the right opportunities and activations for your brand – ones that make sense and don’t feel forced. We’ll bridge and connect you to your audiences at the time of key calendar events like Diwali and Ramadan as well as help you explore more sensitive moments like Black History Month and Pride, for example.

Sign on to one of our diversity workshops or educational training sessions that delve deeper into the way our team dissect and reassemble traditional briefs. You’ll discover the importance, relevance and benefits of reaching out to diverse audiences as well as learn about key considerations and concerns when it comes to inclusive marketing.

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