Case study spotlight

Introducing Macmillan’s first ever Ethnic Media budget, identifying opportunities to communicate with and raise awareness of the brand amongst South Asian, African and Caribbean audiences in the UK. Ad recognition raised to 69% in the first quarter of the campaign alone.

CLIENT – Macmillan Cancer Support


SERVICES – Diversity Audit, Audience Analysis, Content Partnership, Cultural Prospecting, Community Engagement, Insight & Strategy, Media Buying and Planning

What was the challenge?

Macmillan was looking to increase awareness amongst the UK population of their services. After careful research, we found that South Asian, African and Caribbean audiences particularly under-indexes in awareness of the brand vs. white British. There needed to be a deep dive into the understanding of the relevance behind reaching these communities and understanding the best platforms to reach them as well as when and how this might impact creative the most.

What was the strategy?

We implemented three response routes into the campaign which would deliver against each of these core challenges:

  • Ensuring a diverse cast in hero assets
  • Introducing Macmillan’s first ever dedicated year-long community media budget across TV & Radio
  • Upweighting brand presence at key moments across the year (e.g. Eid/Diwali) and targeting moments of “togetherness” during these periods

What were the results?

Macmillan’s quarterly Brand Tracking results demonstrated that since the campaign launched in January 2019, awareness and recognition levels have already improved significantly for South Asian, African and Caribbean audiences.

Ad recognition had risen 18% (to 69%) in the first quarter of the campaign alone, versus 3%+ for the national audience.

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