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Tapping into various media touchpoints to engage multicultural communities in the UK to raise awareness of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. By accessing multi-language publications, radio networks and TV channels, the NHS was able to communicate important messages to some of the hardest to reach audiences.

CLIENT – Cabinet Office – NHS


SERVICES – Content Creation, Content Partnership, Creator Collaborations, Community Engagement, Insight & Strategy, Media Activation

What was the challenge?

The UK Government wanted to create a multicultural content partnership across print, TV and radio that created COVID-19 vaccine awareness in multiple languages. African, Carribean, South Asian, East Asian, Middle Eastern and other ethnic communities needed to understand and engage with important communications during the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

This was particularly crucial as these communities were of the most affected populations due to being at a higher risk of contracting and dying from COVID-19. There was also a lot of misinformation revolving the prohibited ingredients across religions which also needed to be rectified.

What was the strategy?

Co-creating 30-60 second visual and audio pieces across 20+ TV channels and 13 radio stations with trusted and familiar members (those who either host a show or are in regular programming within the community group’s media). A press partnership between 24 print publications across 9 languages was also formed to ensure main media touchpoints were covered.

What were the results?

Within the first 2 weeks of rolling out both TV and radio communications, there was a 10% uplift in members of African, Caribbean, South Asian, East Asian, Middle Eastern and other ethnic minority communities saying they would consider getting the vaccine. The press partnership drove an incredible average of 76% recall of government messaging.

Overall, each media touchpoint engaged true understanding within some of the hardest to reach audiences during a time of national crisis and distrust.

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been working with OMG UNITE to create innovative and robust partnerships across different media that has helped us to communicate effectively with some of the hardest to reach audiences.

This has played a big role in helping us continue to give useful, timely information and guidance to every person in the UK that helps keep everyone safe.

Rob Kirk

Senior Marketing Manager

Cabinet Office

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