Diversity media services and solutions

Diversity media services and solutions

Whilst our solutions are packaged specifically in-line with your needs, they fall under 3 service categories.

You can think of Insight & Strategy as your diversity media consultation service, including solutions such as Diversity Audits and Audience Analysis reports.

Media Activation is the service you need to implement your D&I strategy and connect with your audiences in real time, for example, through buying and planning solutions.

And if you’re looking for anything from creative production to sponsorship and collaborations, you’ll want our Content & Partnerships service.

Insight & Strategy

Speaking to audiences you don’t really know can be hard, almost impossible. So we provide our clients with intricate analyses and data sets that make strategising media and marketing plans seem effortless.

Insight & Strategy

Diversity Audit

Setback: You want to make your marketing more inclusive but aren’t sure whether your ideas will be communicated authentically and need a cultural sense check.

Solution: Have your media and content reviewed by a team of cultural specialists with key category considerations and actionable recommendations on how to achieve truly inclusive marketing for your campaign.

Audience Analysis

Setback: You want to know exactly who your audiences are and what exactly it is that they want from you, but you don’t have the accurate data or insights to determine their media consumption and discover valuable lifestyle touchpoints.

Solution: Have us conduct detailed audience analyses and data sets for your desired audiences. This can include everything from Audience Profiling, Audience Mapping, Category Insight & Behaviour and more.

Cultural Prospecting

Setback: You want to talk to your audiences during cultural moments but you want to go beyond the calendar event so you don’t succumb to performative activism or stereotypical tokenism.

Solution: Have our cultural specialists identify the right opportunities and activations for your brand – ones that make sense and don’t feel forced. We’ll bridge and connect you to your audiences at the time of key calendar events like Diwali and Ramadan as well as help you explore more sensitive moments like Black History Month and Pride, for example.

Diversity Workshops

Setback: You want to learn more about D&I media and marketing, train your team in-house and evolve your approach to campaigns. In other words, you want D&I to become a part of your brand’s DNA, and not be an afterthought.

Solution: Sign on to one of our diversity workshops or educational training sessions that delve deeper into the way our team dissect and reassemble traditional briefs. You’ll discover the importance, relevance and benefits of reaching out to diverse audiences as well as learn about key considerations and concerns when it comes to inclusive marketing.

Media Activation

Identifying channels that connect you to hard-to-reach, diverse communities has never been easier. Let us help you achieve your media objectives whether it’s through strategic buying, planning or PR.

Media Activation

Engagement Strategy

Setback: You want to maximise the engagement of your media across several channels but aren’t sure where is best to reach your desired audiences.

Solution: Using tailored insights and data, we’ll develop cross channel campaign strategies to create an engagement plan that connects your audiences with your campaigns.

Media Planning

Setback: You want to discover the best combination of media to achieve your media objective. Perhaps you aren’t quite sure what that media objective is at this stage.

Solution: We’ll source, select and determine the best combination of media platforms for your brand or product to be publicised on. You can count on us for everything from strategy, market analysis, channel budget allocation and leveraging insights to create optimal planning that targets your desired audiences across channels, thus meeting or exceeding media objectives.

Media Buying

Setback: You want to identify and purchase ad space on channels that are relevant and inclusive of diverse audiences at optimal times, for the least amount of money.

Solution: We’ll strategise, negotiate, analyse and optimise a media buying plan specifically for your brand/product and audiences. By working with media partners across TV, newspapers, radio, magazines, websites, apps, social media, out-of-home and more, we’ll ensure your media is placed in the most relevant venues for maximum engagement.

PR & Earned Media

Setback: You want to increase consumer trust in your brand amongst diverse communities by earning publicity and endorsements that aren’t generated by your company, but rather through organic means such as existing consumers, social media influencers, journalists, bloggers and so on.

Solution: We’ll leverage our media relationships with publishers and industry influencers within the diversity and inclusion space to win your brand high exposure and presence through press coverage, blog posts, social media and more.

Content & Partnerships

Whether we’re producing your content in-house, or delivering it through a partner, we apply our collective expertise with audio, video, print and digital to ensure it is ground-breaking, authentic and tells a story.

Content & Partnerships

Concept to Creation

Setback: You want to create content that speaks directly to diverse communities but don’t know where to start. Perhaps you’re even thinking of designing a new product or service.

Solution: Have us strategise and produce content from ideation to execution. Whether it’s a print advert, video script, article, or a new product that doesn’t exist yet, we’ll ideate, design and produce content or products that target underserved audiences and fill gaps in your current strategy or offering.

Community Engagement

Setback: You want your media and marketing to penetrate diverse community spaces seamlessly without it feeling disjointed from the rest of your brand strategy.

Solution: Have us fulfil the views, interests, needs and behaviours of diverse communities through audience-first, content-led marketing for your brand. You’ll be able to access and position yourself in contextually relevant spaces or successfully create new spaces with engagement opportunities that sit authentically amongst the content your audiences consume daily.

Creator Collaborations

Setback: You’d love to take advantage of influencer marketing but want to make sure you’re utilising the right people within diverse communities to ensure maximum campaign success.

Solution: Data-informed insights and creative strategy will help select the right influencer(s) for your brand and desired audiences. You’ll devise powerful outputs that are unique, authentic and culturally relevant by nature, resonating effortlessly with the communities you want to speak to. Go one step further and integrate this into a bigger media partnership or sponsorship activation for even higher engagement.

Partnership & Sponsorship

Setback: You want to speak to some of the hardest-to-reach audiences and aren’t sure how to best utilise the complexities of partnerships.

Solution: We’ll develop and implement TV, Radio, Print or digital partnerships into your marketing strategy to reach out to Multicultural, LGBTQ+ or Disabled audiences. Position your brand as an authentic ally through relevant and unique event sponsorships or brand partnerships.

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