Case study spotlight

Sainsbury’s wanted to share its colleagues’ and customers’ experiences, empowering creatives and influential brands within Sainsbury’s Black communities. The campaign helped emphasise and position the supermarket brand as the ally for inclusion that it is.

CLIENT – Sainsbury’s Group


SERVICES – Diversity Audit, Content Partnership, Creator Collaborations, Community Engagement, Insight & Strategy, Media Buying

What was the challenge?

Sainsbury’s Group was looking to boost their reputation as an inclusive retailer amongst their colleagues and customers by devoting some of their media spend to meaningful activism. Their aim was to become a leading brand in diversity and inclusion, so throughout October, they chose to stand united, as one multi-brand and multi-channel retailer playing an active role in leading the celebration of Black History Month.

Sainsbury’s continued to educate colleagues and customers alike whilst pushing for positive change for Black communities in the UK.

What was the strategy?

We commissioned Black creatives to share their experience as Black people in the UK through 3 influential media brands and also harnessed an opportunity with Channel 4 show – Random Acts – to showcase short films produced by upcoming Black talent created as a result of the partnership. Articles, adverts, social media posts and short films were produced.

This would deliver against each of these core objectives:

  • Build a broad perception of ‘inclusivity’ in audiences old and new
  • Increase awareness of diverse categories and products
  • Provide a voice on behalf of community and colleagues around the need for change

What were the results?

Over 50% of respondents from a Channel 4 survey said they liked that Sainsbury’s was supporting Black History Month and 60% said the contextual ads that ran alongside each Random Acts film provided them with new insight from a personal perspective. Overall, the short films drew in a bigger multicultural audience.

Pride magazine went on to deliver 96k page views on a nostalgic article which shared recipes from Michelin-Star trained Chef, Anthony Cumberbatch, and had a high CTR of 5.1%. The Voice reported a dwell time of 3min 10 secs from the recipe inspired piece. And our work with galdem magazine reached 464k impressions across the partnership.

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