Case study spotlight

Culturally engaging Muslim audiences during Ramadan by sponsoring one of the community’s biggest religious events – Open Iftar.



SERVICES – Partnership & Sponsorship, Community Engagement, Insight & Strategy, Cultural Prospecting

What was the challenge?

Lidl is looking to find the ideal environment for community engagement with audiences currently not reached in mainstream events. We found that despite the South Asian, African and Caribbean communities over indexing as residents in areas around Lidl stores, they under-index as shoppers.

We were tasked to find the ideal events to target a prominent minority community in the UK.

What was the strategy?

Sponsoring Ramadan Tent Project throughout Ramadan – the most important month of the year for the Muslim community. Iftar is the main meal of each day in Ramadan where Muslims fast from sunrise until sunset. The event saw 300+ attendees each night open their fast together as well in the presence of host a speaker. Speakers at the event were usually influential pillars of the community with big social followings and PR exposure. It was an ideal environment to engage with a wide range of communities and distribute goodie bags tailored for Suhoor containing trackable Lidl shopping vouchers.

What were the results?

A hugely successful collaboration with 13k attendees throughout the month. Social media saw 3m+ earned impressions on content highly targeted to Muslim audiences and across many others. Lidl enjoyed double the voucher redemption rates versus the benchmark target as well as a brand presence in a landmark event.

The event-goers applauded Lidl’s genuine participation in a grassroots event, many of which were community celebrities and influencers. Lidl experienced a strong uplift in consideration and sales amongst event-goers in Muslim communities and beyond.

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