Case study spotlight

Sharing a narrative and making it accessible during Pride 2020 in lockdown restrictions. Read more about HSBC’s Pride campaign and how the global organisation was able to remain authentic in a new age of media activism.



SERVICES – Content Partnership, Creator Collaborations, Community Engagement, Insight & Strategy

What was the challenge?

In a new age of media activism, presenting HSBC’s approach to D&I in a way that was authentic was challenging, especially during the intensified hardships faced by minorities during lockdown. We needed the campaign itself to reflect the openness and transparency with which HSBC approaches the conversation around D&I and make audiences aware of what the HSBC brand stands for.

What was the strategy?

By tapping into HSBC’s past of being an ally for LGBTQ+ communities, we were able to continue to build on this sentiment. Selecting a range of queer influencers and employees from HSBC itself, we created a powerful series of Passing films and social media stories, sparking a conversation through the sharing of personal narratives and showing solidarity in online spaces for LGBTQ+ people in the context of lockdown despite not being able to take part in usual festivities for Pride.


Jake Graf


Jake Graf is an English Actor, Filmmaker and Transgender Rights Activist. He is a leading figure in the LGBTQ+ community and is widely known for his active support. Jake is a go-to person when looking for a positive LGBTQ+ role model and has been shining a light on Queer and Trans experiences to a wider, more mainstream audience. He has recently worked with River Island and VO5 and was extremely interested in telling his story about passing as a woman, then as a CIS man.


Luke Jefferson Day


Luke is GQ Style’s Editor and a known face both in the LGBTQ+ community and the fashion industry. Luke has shared personal stories on his Instagram feed on his experience as a gay man before and has more recently opened up about his pansexuality. After having to pass in the Gay community for years, Luke felt it was time to share his personal story and inspire others with his motto: ‘harness your uniqueness’. This remains one of his most liked and engaged with post to date.

What were the results?

Overall, the campaign exceeded our expectations from a stats and delivery perspective as well as engagement and positive dialogue across socials. There was much anecdotal feedback which suggested the campaign resonated with the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

Both social posts from Luke and Jake encouraged people to share their stories online too, creating a beautiful, sincere and authentic exchange of conversation. For HSBC, this awareness proved that there was solidarity online for those who needed it and cemented their allyship with the LGBTQ+ community even further.

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