Benjamin Boura

Projects & Operations Executive

Benjamin graduated from the University of Tours, France, with a Business Language degree in 2014. Before living in France and subsequently Australia, Benjamin travelled to the UK to pursue a career in marketing operations.

He has worked in various project operation roles for multiple global companies such as JacTravel and WebJet, and now thrives as a projects and operations executive at OMG UNITE.

Benjamin is a highly adaptable team member with skills ranging across administration, research and communication.

Benjamin Boura

In 3 words

Kind, caring, compassionate

Desert-island luxury item

Some sort of musical device.

Personal motto

Never ever listen to anybody when they try to discourage you, because they do that, believe me.

Interests outside of work

Music, travelling, Mariah Carey, queer culture, food and drinks, films.

Stand up. Stand out.
Stand united.