India Hill

Content & Partnerships Manager

India graduated from Oxford University in 2016 with a BA Hons in English Literature and Language. She is a ‘Jackie of all trades’ with skills spanning graphic design, visual art, copywriting, creative ideation and strategic planning. As a result, her roles have always become quite hybrid.

She left university seeking out a career in the arts and explored corporate events and tech start-ups along the way. She won a seat at Hachette UK's highly competitive, year-long Trade Publishing Traineeship and soon after gained a position in marketing at Little Brown Book Group.

Working with Hachette’s diversity network - Thrive - India developed a passion for diversity and inclusion which brought her to OMG UNITE. Since joining the Content & Partnerships team, India has executed campaigns and developed pitches for a wide range of clients including the Cabinet Office, Audible, Office for National Statistics, Public Health England, Sainsbury's and HSBC to name a few.

India Hill

In 3 words

Gregarious, artistic, empathetic

Desert-island luxury item


Personal motto


Interests outside of work

Running my own pot dealing business (ceramics obviously), dystopia, recharging my melanin, plantain, seasoning, belly laughing.

Stand up. Stand out.
Stand united.