Jisola Omibiyi

Planning & Buying Manager

After earning a BA in Advertising and Marketing Communications from De Montfort University, Jisola entered the media industry to combine her passion for business and creativity. Across her 6 years of experience, she has worked with clients such as Emirates, Estrella, More TH>N and London Business School. More recently, she has worked with the Cabinet Office, NSPCC and Barclays which has allowed her to expand her knowledge across different clientele and create award-winning work.

Jisola uses her creative strategy to take clients from small ideas to tangible campaigns earning huge results in the process. She has played a hand in winning awards for our sister agencies including GOLD at the Media Week Awards for ONS Census 2021.

“I’m here for shining light on communities which often get overlooked by mainstream media.”

Jisola Omibiyi

In 3 words

Quirky, quiet, questioning

Desert-island luxury item

Assuming food and water are in unlimited supply then I’d want endless crochet supplies.

Personal motto

It’s not a failure if you learn from it.

Interests outside of work

Music, going to gigs, crochet and knitting, art, books from the diaspora, very occasional baking, Frank Ocean.

Stand up. Stand out.
Stand united.