What’s making us tick? Top 7 diverse and inclusive campaigns in 2021

17th September 2021

Once a month, the team at OMG UNITE come together to talk all things, inspirational, innovative and inclusive. We call this our ‘Creative Chinwag’, hosted by yours truly. Within the session, members of the team present their favourite campaigns or partnerships that promote diversity, inclusion and belonging.

In no particular order, here are 7 of our favourite diversity and inclusion campaigns that we think have really hit the mark.

1. Havas London X Vanish and British Fashion Council

Media sourced from: Campaign Live https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/vanish-generation-rewear-havas-london/1714111

This campaign brought in designers from diverse backgrounds to share their thoughts on climate change and landfill sights. Each of the designers are taking steps to create pieces that are either recycled or created using sustainable material.

This three-part series, created by Havas London and directed by Richard Bullock at Hungry Man, aims to inspire consumers into adopting environmentally conscious behaviours in the buying, wearing, caring, and disposing of clothes.

2. Facebook Portal 2021

Facebook’s ‘Share something real on Portal’ advert

Facebook’s new portal device has encouraged people to reconnect through video call and rediscovering inclusive design. This advert was brought attention to the team as it is completely silent yet very effective.

A simple conversation between two sisters in BSL sign language allows a space for people who are hearing impaired to share the moment, it also encourages other tv campaigns to do the same. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done with raising awareness for disabled communities in our content and products.

3. Lush X Growing peace through almond oil

Copyright: Lush Growing Peace campaign 2021

Since 1967, Palestine’s water supplies have been controlled by Israel. With limited water supplies, many almond farmers struggle to sustain their livelihoods. Canaan, a project in Palestine, is finding solutions: Growing peace through almond oil.

This has enabled Palestinian farmers to earn a sustainable livelihood and the communities caught in conflict to connect with the outside world. Lush has collaborated with Canaan to help ethically source the almond oil and create economic freedom and land gain to Palestinian farmers. The impact of the campaign has motivated people to think about how brands are making life-changing decisions to help ethically produce their products. Lush’s video and social media campaign shows that they are not afraid of being transparent and both highlights and encourages the need for digital changemaking.

4. AZ Mag x Pinterest x Pride

Media sourced from: www.pinterest.co.uk/AZmaguk/az-x-pinterest-celebrate-pride/

AZ Mag and Pinterest collaborated for a digital social media campaign that highlighted QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous People of Colour) in the UK and their work. This was centred around Pride but is an ode to supporting LGBTQ+ people of colour in the community generally.

The campaign was deemed successful on social media and digital platforms and highlighted the importance of bringing in perspectives from black LGBTQ+ communities.

5. Asos x Exist Loudly

Media sourced from: https://www.asos.com/women/fashion-feed/2021_06_19-sat/exist-loudly-tanya-compas-collusion/ Shoot team: elu.sade @bluespit @ehenebeng.artistry @yanaboth_beauty @kellonkutz @elu.sade @edenbmorse @deji.tiwo @deshy202 @seankdm @donalsweeney EXIST LOUDLY CREW: @_editmyfengshui_ @tanaka.fuego @omgitzshayy @9ahyo @7oses @ana1r1n @amiravelli

ASOS x Exist Loudly COLLUSION (available exclusively on ASOS) has teamed up with Black LGBTQ+ youth organisation, Exist Loudly to launch a time-limited clothing collection. Featuring iconic COLLUSION staples such as oversized t-shirts updated in Progress Pride flag colours, the collection shows support for underrepresented members of the LGBTQ+ community.

ASOS will be donating £38,000 to Exist Loudly to help the organisation deliver a 12-week masterclass programme led by established advocates and creatives, to foster queer Black communities and empower young creative talent.

6. Thinx Plus Size Campaign

Media sourced from: https://www.behance.net/gallery/122280411/THINX-Plus-Size-Launch-Campaign/modules/695376641/

Sustainable period underwear brand, Thinx, is asking for self-portraits to mark its launch of extended plus-sizes across all product styles. The campaign that was created in-house includes images by photographer Lydia Hudgens of plus-size models photographing themselves.

The goal was to allow plus-size people to feel in control of their bodies, stated Crystal Zerrenner, Chief Growth Officer at Thinx. The campaign ran on Thinx’s website and social media channels. In addition to the photos, Thinx will also run user generated content and behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot on TikTok.

7. Grenfell United FC X Kitlocker

Media sourced from:  Sebastian Barros https://www.kitlocker.com/products/grenfell-athletic-home-jersey-21-22-p

Grenfell United was formed to look after each member of the community, support the wider community and campaign for justice and change. Using something like Football – a sport that takes pride in belonging to a community – was an excellent choice for this campaign’s collaboration and helped with wider awareness of the cause.

Since the formation, footballers from Chelsea FC and other clubs have worked with the team to help start the brand’s kit and exposure. They are now sponsored by Cadbury’s. Their posters and digital media presence are seen across London, activating a story for millions to see.

Closing thoughts

There you have it – 7 fantastic examples of how brands can practise D&I awareness authentically. Whether that’s through decisive brand collaboration, campaigning for injustices in minority communities or simply providing a seat at your table for creatives and professionals from diverse backgrounds, you can apply the same principles and adapt accordingly.

To say that creating inclusive and diverse campaigns are ‘challenging’ in today’s world, is a mere dismissal of bringing a global majority of voices to the table. This article demonstrates that there are plenty of opportunities to work innovative ideas alongside a bigger purpose. Whether the content is fighting for racial justice, LGBTQ+ voices or global warming, you can make a change. But remember, for diverse and inclusive marketing to really communicate with your audiences, your content and campaigns should not be muddled with a tokenistic approach – ensure you are truly engaging with your communities and providing opportunities that make a difference.

Stand up. Stand out.
Stand united.